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Valentine Preschool/ Pre-K Pack

Valentine Preschool/ Pre-K Pack

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"I would LOVE to have activities for all of my themes that are easy to prepare, just print (in color), laminate and cut out, then they are ready to use."

"My kids have different skill levels and I need to keep them busy at the same time."

"I want to keep them excited about learning."

Do any of these sound like you? Then this Valentine's Pre-K Pack is just what you need!

This hands-on downloadable workbook is designed to help anyone teach their preschoolers (and pre-k students) this Valentine's season. Using fun, differentiated and creative methods of learning, this workbook will work on:

Valentine's symmetry skills
Valentine Simple addition up to 5
Valentine's alphabet
Teach your child to write both upper and lower case letters
Valentine's beginning sounds
Valentine fine motor skills
Valentine counting and recognize numbers up to 20
and more
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