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Hands On Preschool Alphabet Workbook

Hands On Preschool Alphabet Workbook

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Picture this: What if you could teach your kids to master letter recognition, write the letters of the alphabet without frustration and begin sounding out letters in as little as 15 minutes a day?  

Get ready to teach your kids confidently and without stress or overwhelm with Hands-on Alphabet for Preschoolers. 

This hands-on downloadable workbook is designed to help anyone teach the letters of the alphabet. Using fun and creative methods of learning, this workbook will:

  • Teach your child to recognize both upper and lower case letters 
  • Teach your child to write both upper and lower case letters
  • Expose them to beginning sounds
  • Develop fine motor skills

Included activities:

  • lacing cards
  • find the hidden letter
  • tracing and printing pages
  • and more

What if in 6 months from now, your kid actually knew the alphabet and could write each letter and it only took you minutes to teach daily with zero stress, how would your life be different?

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