Fall Mega Pack

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Looking for some fall kindergarten activities? How about some fall preschool activities? Why not grab this 5 in 1 pack?

What's Inside these Fall Printable Worksheets

*Fall Find the Letter Clip Cards 

Simply grab your magnifying glass, clothespins, and find the hidden letter in the pictures. This pack contains clip cards (4 on each page) and a hidden letter within each image.  You can either use all the cards as-is on the sheet, cut them out and staple them, or even use a brad to secure the cards.

*Fall Alphabet Pack 

This is an alphabet pack that has 26 alphabet coloring pages as well as tracing pages for both upper and lower case letters.

*Fall Numbers Pack 

Number Coloring Pages- Count the items on the page and color them as well. This set is for the numbers 1-10

Tracing Practice- Simply print the sheets or cut out the strips and allow your student to practice writing the numbers 1-20. You can even laminate it for durability.

*Fall Math Worksheets 

This includes activities such as graphing, what comes next, puzzles, and size sorting.

*Fall Literacy Pack

The literacy pack includes upper and lower case matches, tracing and cutting, and more.

All these printable worksheets add up to over 90 pages of pure fall fun. It can also be used for the fall of for a leaf theme or even a pumpkin theme.